Synergy Tech powered by OrangeGrid

Synergy Tech powered by OrangeGrid

The Next Big Thing

Our all-encompassing technology platform has been engineered with you in mind. Synergy Tech will assist you in having up to date information on assets and open work orders/inspections. Synergy Teach has a comprehensive dashboard that can be broken down by department as well as an overarching view. Simple, new, and everything you didn’t know you wanted until today.


Our Synergy Tech platform is customizable to help meet your firm’s objectives. We can track the data you want to help get you the results you need. Your company is unique; shouldn’t your technology be too?

All in One Place

Synergy Tech was designed to be as efficient as possible. From one dashboard, you can see it all; invoices, forms, charts, and data. You shouldn’t have to go to multiple sites to get results.

First-in-Class Capabilities

Communication chat logs in each work order are reviewed by our team. This helps facilitate first-in-class communication, reducing issues from Client to Us to the Field Representative.

A Robust Compliance Solution

All Field Representatives have up to date background checks, insurance and paperwork stored in Synergy Tech. Once a compliance item is near expiration, we receive a notification and alert our Field Representative.

We check every order for compliance per the individual organization it falls under.

Receiving property list from Client

  • What is your preferred method of sending property information?
  • We pride ourselves on flexibility.
    • Encrypted File/ Spreadsheet
    • Fax
    • Software integration to Synergy Tech.
    • Department independent account on our proprietary system.
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