Quality Control

The FRFS Quality Control and Risk Management Program is a three-pronged system. Oversight, analysis, and monitoring of operations are the three core values integral to this program. The FRFS risk management program is controlled and managed by the chief operations officer.

This process is key to helping us put out a finished product. If you get the opportunity to check out the client dashboard on FROST, you will see that a part of the process in the workflow timeline is labeled QC. We must do it, and we owe it you so that our guarantee of great work stays flawless.

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The QC Plan

As your partner in Field Services, FRFS understands we are an extension of your brand. Our approach is to be proactive, not reactive. First Rate Field Services utilizes multiple Quality Control Field Representatives (QCFR) to ensure that all your assets are maintained to the highest quality. These QCFR’s serve the role of an inspector that audits the work done by field representatives and provides an independent opinion.

After the QCFR audit, a report is processed and relayed to our internal Quality Control Team. First Rate’s QC Team utilizes the report from the QCFR and works closely with the Regional Managers to ensure that all deficiencies are remediated as soon as possible. Our QC process allows us to oversee our sub-contractors with boots on the ground, which in turn, ensures that our properties are properly maintained. QCFR’s are thoroughly trained in all aspects of property preservation and are equipped with an extensive checklist to ensure efficiency.


Field Representatives

Our Field Representatives are the first line of defense in securing and protecting the asset. Each Field Representative is trained to meet our high standards. Our Field Rep’s are also trained to understand the dynamic of different regions, areas, and neighborhoods. This allows our Rep’s to be sensitive to situations and topics. Our representatives know to be respectful, courteous and professional always when dealing with your asset.

Each Field Representatives must pass FRFS’s interview process, rigorous background check, and be licensed and insured. FROST allows our vendors to be in contact with the First Rate home office while in the field.

Brokers & Agents

Brokers facilitate ownership between the investor of the asset and end buyer. Brokers can provide a BPO, recommend cosmetic upgrades to increase ROI and help market the home for sale.

Our expert team of brokers are a valuable resource in knowing the market. They are immersed in the market of your asset. Our brokers have one goal in mind: maximizing the return on your asset.

Loss Mitigation

The goal at DLS Servicing Consultants, LLC is to provide effective servicing solutions designed to reduce default rates and increase overall productivity within your portfolio. ​Their servicing solutions are tailored specifically to the needs of your business.  We focus on exceptions in your portfolio while you focus on your core business functions. Reach out today!

Goods & Services

First Rate partners with PP materials to provide a low-cost alternative to purchasing preservation materials than that of brick and mortar establishments. Check them out and start saving.

Local Authorities

As part of our Regional Approach, we make it our duty to partner with HOA’s and Code Compliance officers to ensure we have a transparent relationship with the leaders in the communities where we perform work.

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