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Our Approach

At First Rate our team identifies unique problems facing your inventory, such as location, then we game plan strategies and customize an approach that coordinates efforts to protect your asset. As an industry leader, we feel it is up to us to set the benchmark for great service.

Our Vision

First Rate Field Services strength and success relies on the empowerment and accountability of our team. Through this, we are constantly innovating, building and leveraging our technology and expertise to usher in a new generation of field services.

The First Rate Mission

First Rate Field Services looks to build and improve community economies by sourcing local businesses to complete work whenever possible. We select the most qualified professionals within the communities where our preservation services are needed to not only help improve the condition of a client’s property but to add commerce to neighborhoods where we work. We have developed a reliable and trustworthy reputation within the communities where we do business, lending to our credibility as a first-rate provider of Field Services. These contributions to our communities bolster local economies and in turn, help boost overall property values in the area. Through these contributions, we can garner the highest possible return for our clients.

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First Rate Resources

FEMA Updates

Please go to FEMA.gov for all national emergencies. This will assist you in being able to locate whether your assets are in an unsafe zone.

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AllRegs Updates

Interested in weekly updates on all Federal mortgage related regulations? Please be sure to visit the link below.

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Housing Counselor Locator

Everyone needs counseling when it comes to making big financial decisions. Go to the CFPB site and locate a counselor today.

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First Rate is Hiring

First Rate is always looking for that next bright leader to take the helm of our quickly growing company. Our St. Louis location is hiring!

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The First Rate Update

Try Us, You’ll Like It.

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I was recently featured on MJS’s ThinkTank. Mahir asked me a straightforward question – “How do you handle your REO after FC (foreclosure)?” I gave him the not so straightforward answer. By the way, shameless…

How do you handle your REO after FC?

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Please enjoy the below Webinar hosted by MJS Think Tank. It is a good conversation about what to do with your assets after the foreclosure process from an Investor perspective.

The Good, The Bad, and The Uncertain

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“Which news do you want first? The good or the bad?” Countless colleagues, friends, spouses and kids playfully pose this question daily. As every real estate professional knows, it is too simplistic to label our…

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