Technology, on Demand.


Our platform is customizable to help meet your firm’s objectives. We can track the data you want to help get you the results you need. Your company is unique; shouldn’t your technology be too?

All in One Place

This platform was designed to be as efficient as possible. From one dashboard, you can see it all; invoices, forms, and data. You shouldn’t have to go to multiple sites to get results.

First-in-Class Capabilities

Communication chat logs in each work order are reviewed by our team. This helps facilitate first-in-class communication, reducing issues from Client to Us to the Field Representative.

A Robust Compliance Solution

All Field Representatives have up to date background checks, insurance and paperwork stored in our platform. Once a compliance item is near expiration, we receive a notification and alert our Field Representative.

We check every order for compliance per the individual organization it falls under.

Receiving property list from Client

  • What is your preferred method of sending property information?
  • We pride ourselves on flexibility.
    • Department independent account on our system.
    • Encrypted File/ Spreadsheet
    • Servicing software integration to Synergy Tech.
    • Fax
    • Phone
    • Email
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