A National Presence with a Regional Approach

At First Rate our team identifies unique problems facing your inventory, such as location, then we game plan strategies and customize an approach that coordinates efforts to protect your asset. As an industry leader, we feel it is up to us to set the benchmark for great service.


First Rate Field Services strength and success relies on the empowerment and accountability of our team. Through this, we are constantly innovating, building and leveraging our technology and expertise to usher in a new generation of field services.


First Rate Field Services looks to build and improve community economies by sourcing local businesses to complete work whenever possible. We select the most qualified professionals within the communities where our preservation services are needed to not only help improve the condition of a client’s property but to add commerce to neighborhoods where we work. We have developed a reliable and trustworthy reputation within the communities where we do business, lending to our credibility as a first-rate provider of Field Services. These contributions to our communities bolster local economies and in turn, help boost overall property values in the area. Through these contributions, we can garner the highest possible return for our clients.

Our History

We are a new generation of preservation. Founded in 2009, we started as a boots on the ground operation providing mortgage field services to the greater St. Louis area. Since then we have expanded to a nationwide footprint. We are proud to maintain a get-it-done attitude along with our blue-collar mentality. Over the years our goal has remained the same; to provide great service.

Too often have we heard of the client’s woes and how you couldn’t get a phone call or email returned when needing to speak with your preservation company. The unreliable gaps in communication resulted in missed deadlines and lost dollars. Knowing there was a better way to do business, First Rate got its start.

Since our inception, our company has grown by following a simple rule; be transparent, open, and available to our clients. Through this, FRFS has been able to create a custom experience tailored to individual needs.

Every executive at FRFS has spent time on the customer service and vendor relations section of our organization. We feel knowing the ropes from the ground up is paramount to the structure and culture of our company.


Meet Our Executive Staff

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CEO | Founder



Chad J. Rulo

VP of Operations


EVP Business Development


SVP Business Development


Director of Finance

What Sets Us Apart

First Rate Field Services is a full-service property preservation company with a boots-on-the-ground approach for lenders, servicers, mortgage bankers, and asset managers to preserve and protect properties at every stage of the default process.

We pride ourselves on taking the guesswork out of property preservation services. As your one-stop shop for field services, we do it all. Our field experts perform everything from, but not limited to, checking occupancy, securing your asset after a debtor has vacated the premises, ordering and overseeing repairs and coordinating with brokers to tackle the marketing of a saleable property. All field service work is handled in the most efficient and cost-productive manner to help turn your property assets around as quickly as possible.

We provide regulatory-compliant default and REO management solutions, which we tailor to your unique needs. Clients have used our custom-designed software to increase productivity, reduce labor costs and eliminate expensive errors in the process. Our goal is to help you perfect and streamline operations so you can save time and money.

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Compliance Oriented

First Rate Field Services is top of the pack in CFPB and OCC compliance. Every field service representative must undergo a rigorous background check and possess the necessary insurance requirements. We set up score cards for our field representatives so you can monitor the work every step of the way.

Unparalleled Communication

Our communication process allows you to update assets in real time. Our operations team is on standby to execute your requests every minute of the day or night. Our system is compatible with EDI transmissions and other request forms that ensure our system can communicate with yours. We work hard to save you time.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee above standard SLA’s and below standard pricing while exceeding client expectations of quality. As a company run by veterans, we put our money where our mouth is so that you don’t lose any.
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