Loss Draft Inspections

What if First Rate can take away 4th party risk for your loss drafts insurance inspections?

What if we conducted loss draft inspections differently than every other inspection company?

What if we were able to deliver results faster and enhance the borrower experience?

What if we were able to cut the time down of your customers waiting on their checks and waiting for their inspections by half?

Your customers are already dealing with so much when it comes to natural disasters and damage to their property. We can help minimize the time they spend on scheduling inspections and the time it takes away from their regular schedule.

Through our 7-point touch system, which minimizes error and maximizes contact, we are able to schedule their appointment efficiently and in as a short amount of time as possible.

First Rate partners with your LP carrier to ensure that the customer experience is the first priority.

At First Rate, we are customer-centric, ensuring a swift resolution with consumers so that their projects can be finished and funded in a timely manner.

We do the hard work for you contacting borrowers, scheduling inspections, and confirming project milestone completion.


  • Expedient automated scheduling
  • First Rate is your brand ambassador
  • Modern metrics and reporting
  • In-house damage inspection experts
  • Dedication to community improvement
  • We utilize new technology to perfect and enhance your inspections
  • Competent and precise in our percentage estimation
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