In our business, there are dozens of models and structures that enable the functionality of the field service operating unit. The ability to scale or flex when the volumes of assets increases are necessary and often something that only the more experienced companies have had to test. With the risk and compliance factors becoming more relevant depending on the administration that is in office, it is a commonality to have to develop new ideas to ensure the flexibility of the company. There are some ideas in regard to risk and compliance that we embrace wholeheartedly and others that we shy away from and suggest that you do as well.

First Rate utilizes the direct approach to the field. This approach is shockingly simple and incredibly effective. The direct approach enables field service companies to go right to the individual(s) performing the work which controls the vetting and hiring process more efficiently. By knowing the independent worker or company and vetting them or their team, you are able to provide the clearest image of accountability to your client. “I don’t know,” is never a proper response, and with this method, you know who, when, and how.

The more levels of contractors, the harder it is to determine the root cause of an issue or to hold people accountable. The insurance blame game adds layer after layer, which in turn means an extension of timelines for your clients and that is something that most people we work with wouldn’t stand for. Time is money and that age-old statement is incredibly accurate in many industries. The more layers you have as a business unit; the more time it takes. If an inspection takes 5 days to complete and you have to send it through 3-5 different sets of vendors, it can start to make your service level agreements all the more difficult to accomplish. Through utilizing a tried, true, and vetted network of direct independent contractors, you only have to deal with one layer and one piece of technology.

We embrace high-quality forms and a control of the process. The less paperwork your contractor has to complete the happier they are and the more they can concentrate on the hard work of repairs and imagery. With COGS on the rise and reimbursable pricing declining, many companies look for the easy way out and turn to off shoring a majority of their work. Are Order Mills keeping up with training to keep them up to speed on all the necessary requirements of FHA and GSE requirements? With more attention to detail comes a higher price. Technology that you can manipulate and shift to your needs is key in an organization and the interpreting of reports so that there is a minimal adjustment needed from the field to the office is paramount to success.

With a direct to field approach and the right development of technology and documentation, you get the perfect mix of a manageable operational structure. When it comes to paying contractors, there are not multiple levels of concern for non-payment and discrepancies, but instead a streamlined process of structured pay scales and timelines. It’s not the most cost-effective structure but it allows us to keep to the integrity of the product and that is the price we pay for excellent work and a great reputation.